YCF Diving has partnered with Speedo.

Apparel for the 2019-2020 season can be ordered from:

YCF Speedo Web Portal

USERNAME : ycfdive


The apparel that you will see on the site DOES NOT have the YCF Logo affixed.

Except for periodic sales of limited, on-hand merchandise, order all items directly from the site.

All purchased items will be shipped to your home, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Once an item has been screened or monogramed, it cannot be returned.



The black suit which was the core Speedo suit for the 2018 competition year

is now on sale with limited supplies available on deck.

Sale Prices for stock on hand:  Girl Suit, $35;  Boy Suit, $20; T-shirts, $15; Girl Shorts, $20; Boy Shorts, $25. 

A YCF Speedo suit must be worn for all competitions, including competition warmups and dive meet practice.

If you need a suit immediately or have any questions, please ask your coach or email Adrienne