Pricing 2018-2019

LESSONS – 1 hour session once a week – $65/Month for YMCA Member or $95/Month for Non members

PRE-TEAM – 1 hour session twice a week – $110/Month for YMCA Member or $135/Month for Non members

JO1 -90 minute session 3 times a week –  $200/Month

JO1 Minis – 90 minute session 4 times a week – $235/Month

JO1 HS (High School) – 90 minute session 4 times a week – $235/Month

JO2 – 90 minute session 4 times a week – $250/Month

JO3 – 90 minute session 4 times a week – $265/Month

JO4 – 2 hour session 5 times a week – $335/Month

JO5 – 2 1/2 hour session 5 times a week – $375/Month

Junior Olympic (JO) levels MUST have valid YMCA Membership to participate.

YMCA Membership – Fee schedule available from the front desk staff.

Optional Summer Premium – During the summers we offer our divers the opportunity to practice twice per day for an additional $100 per month for the months of June and July. This is a great way to either get ready for the summer competition schedule or to improve and accelerate your diving skills.

Private Lessons – Some students need individual time and attention to improve a certain skill or skills. Private lessons should be coordinated with your respective YCF coaches.

Re-Enrollment Fee -A $125 re-enrollment fee will be assessed for any diver who leaves the
program and then returns, unless prior arrangements have been made with the coach.

Meet Fees -A fee of $40 per event shall be assessed for all USA Diving Meets. A fee of $25 per event shall be assessed for all AAU Diving Meets. Please make payment to your coach  1 week prior to the meet.


How? – Payments may be made by Bank Card Auto Draft or by Personal Check. All Junior Olympic (JO) payments will be required to be a Bank Card Auto Draft (Click here for form).  Complete and turn into the front Membership Desk staff to get signed up for Auto Draft. Please add the  participant’s name, diving level, and payment month to every check. 

When? – For those that are not on Bank Draft, all payments are due on the 1st of each month.  Any payment made after the 15th,  a $25 late fee will be charged.

To Whom? – Please make all checks payable to: YMCA of Central Florida.

Questions? – Any questions about payments or other financial matters should be directed via email to Ashley Thomas, YCF Business Manager. Phone: 407-363-1911. Email is the preferred method.

*Bank Card Auto Draft Information:

All EFTs will draft on (or around) the 15th of each month.

Please complete the Program Bank Draft form and bring it with your method of payment to the Welcome Desk.

Failed Payments:

If a payment fails for any reason, a $20 Return Payment fee in addition to the regular monthly payment is due. The members account will be placed on a restriction until the full balance is paid. If the balance is not paid prior to the 15th of the following month, an additional $25 late fee will be charged.


All cancellations and changes need to be in writing using the Program Cancelation Form (click here for form) to the Welcome Center by the 1st of the month. If a participant is changing to a different competitive group, a program change form will need to be submitted, so that the new program’s draft can be arranged.