All children will enter the YCF Diving program at different stages. At the free diving trial, the coach will determine the best location for your child. Some kids with tumbling/gymnastics experience may start at a higher level than the Lessons Group.  Most children with no experience will start in the Lessons Group. To best fit the instruction and commitment to the needs of the diver, YCF Diving breaks its classes into levels:


Children who show interest in the sport of diving.  Recommended for children 7 and younger to begin to learn the fundamentals of diving.


Novices to the sport of diving who will learn the fundamentals.  Practices geared toward learning and improving on fundamentals on both 1M and 3M.

JO 1:

Divers who have begun to master the fundamentals and want to take the sport more seriously and increase the difficulty of their skills.

JO 2:

Advanced divers who are more committed to the program and are willing to travel.  Instruction now expands to learning platform.

JO 3:

Nationally ranked divers or advanced High School divers (aspiring for college scholarships) with high level of commitment, training 5 days a week.

JO 4:

Competitive divers who have goals of reaching National Team ranking.  Compete year round.

JO 5:

Nationally ranked divers , USA National Team, and potentially the Olympics.

High School Classes:

YCF offers classes to kids that are diving in high school. Days and times vary.            This class only focuses on 1-meter spring board.

A diver’s promotion to next group is based upon their skills and coach’s discretion regarding the diver’s consistency, attendance, attitude, etc.